Broken Pieces

Secrets and Lies by Natashiah Jansen & Ethan McKenzie @myreaderspress


The next morning, Sharona woke up with a spring in her step and a slight headache. Felicia had stayed the night, because she had been too lazy to move from the couch after she sat down.

"Good morning, my friend," Sharona said.

"Morning… You sure are in a good mood; must be the good old doc's magic."

"You know what they say about those Latino men."

"Spare me, please. So… Did he give you his number, email… anything?" asked Felicia.


"No? Did you give him yours?"

"No," said Sharona.

"What?" Felicia was shocked because she had expected something after watching the two of them dancing the night away.

"We met, danced, laughed, and that was enough for me. What more would I want?"

"Mmmm… okay... So I take it you're not ready," said Felicia.

"I'm not ready for anything," Sharona said.

Shortly afterwards, J.J. woke up. He was in a playful mood and was very happy to see his mom. Breakfast was another story. He didn't seem to be in the mood for porridge, and ended up tipping the bowl on his head. Usually, Sharona would get upset, but this morning it was different. She laughed, and even J.J. was surprised. Felicia was glad to see her friend starting to enjoy life again.

"Well, it's time for me to leave," said Felicia. "What are you going to do the rest of the day?"

"I think I will surprise Edward with a picnic in the park. I'm sure he would love to spend some time with J.J. Why don't you join us?"

"I'll pass... I'd rather catch up on some sleep. Tomorrow will be a hectic day for me."

"Oh, I see. But what could possibly be so hectic? You're living on your trust fund, Paris Hilton."

"Shush… I don't want everyone to know I come from money. As for the hectic day, I have a full package booked at the spa. Will take about the entire day before I get out of there."

Felicia was an only child, and after her parents, who were real estate brokers, had died when she was 15, her inheritance was placed in a trust fund. After completing college, she jumped from one temporary job to another until she decided to live off her trust fund on a permanent basis. She didn't need to worry about earning a living. She had enough money to last her several lifetimes. Although she was filthy rich, she tried to live an ordinary life just like Sharona, but now and then she would splurge for fun.

"Yes, and that is very hard work. Tell Bruno I send my regards," Sharona said.

"Yes… Bruno… I wish I could have him on standby at home," she said, sighing.

"Why would you need a masseur on standby?"

"You never know when I might have a neck spasm or stiff calf that needs to be massaged," said Felicia.

They both sniggered as Felicia rubbed her calf playfully. She grabbed her purse and tied her hair back with a scrunchie, grabbed her pumps and walked barefoot to her car. Sharona and J.J. waved goodbye as she pulled out of the driveway.

"I hope one day you will have a friend like your Auntie Felicia; she really is a gem," Sharona said to J.J., who was still waving goodbye long after Felicia was out of sight.

She quickly dressed J.J. and herself and they were off to Edward's house. Before they got there, they stopped at the deli to pick up the picnic basket that she had ordered the day before. When they arrived at Edward's home, he was busy watering potted plants on his porch. A wide smile spread across his face when J.J. came running to his open arms.

"This is a nice surprise. I was thinking of visiting you this afternoon," he said, ruffling J.J.'s hair.

"Well, I thought I'd surprise you with a picnic," she said, smiling.

"Now that sounds like a plan. Come inside while I quickly throw on something."

While waiting for Edward, Sharona sat on the couch in the living room. From the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Jason's graduation picture on the shelf above the fireplace. She got up from the chair and stood in front of the fireplace and looked at Jason's smiling face. She smiled, and somehow it didn't hurt so much anymore to think of Jason.

"It's getting a little better every day," she heard Edward say as he walked towards her.

"Yes, it is," said Sharona.

J.J. looked at the two of them and started to giggle, as if someone had done something extremely funny. They couldn't help but join in. Edward carried J.J. to the car while Sharona locked the front door, and they left to go to the park for their picnic.

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