Broken Pieces

Author Interview – Maj. Ray Gleason Ph.D.


Do you have any specific last thoughts that you want to say to your readers? Last thoughts… do you know something I don’t?

What do you do to unwind and relax? Glass of red wine, a pile of chocolate, a comfortable chair, a purring cat and a good book.

What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing? If the good Lord appeared to me and said, “You can write one book and one book only!” I have. It’s The Violent Season.

Do you have any upcoming appearances that you would like to share with us? Check me out on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you could leave your readers with one bit of wisdom, what would you want it to be? Get a glass of red wine, a pile of chocolate, a comfortable chair, a purring cat and a copy of The Violent Season.

When you wish to end your career, stop writing, and look back on your life, what thoughts would you like to have? Feci quid potui… I have done what I could.

How did you develop your plot and characters? I knew them all and remembered them well.

Who designed the cover? My publisher, with a little advice and incentive from my dear wife.

Who is your publisher? Unlimited Publishing, LLC of Indianapolis, IN.

Why did you choose to write this particular book? That’s like asking a mother, “Why did you choose to have this particular child.”

What was the hardest part about writing this book? Re-living the experience… bringing my dearest friends to life only to watch them die again.

Did you learn anything from writing this book and what was it? All the bugbears still lurking around in my subconscious.

THE VIOLENT SEASON is an epic, expansive collection of heroic short stories centered on the gripping experiences of three young men and their families during the Vietnam War. The book presents a ‘coming-of-age’ narrative that begins in the lush river valleys of upstate New York and on the streets of New York City and provides an insightful perspective of youth and innocence plunged into the crucible of war.

As well, it transcends the “good guys, bad guys” portrayal of human conflict by presenting its readers with a depiction of good people, Americans and Vietnamese, caught up in unthinkably grim and difficult circumstances. THE VIOLENT SEASON celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and its ability to triumph over the horror and tragedy of war.

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Genre – Literary / Historical Fiction

Rating – PG13

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