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When Solomon is mentioned in church circles two things come to mind: The ladies man and the wise man. How he could be both is still a mystery, but we cannot deny the portion of wisdom that God granted him. If we look at the story closely, it seems that Solomon displayed a measure of wisdom before God granted it to him. He was wise enough to follow the ways of the Lord and discerning enough to ask the right blessing from God. God was thrilled to say “Yes” to this request.
If we are seeking wisdom for a significant situation we must first look to see what small areas God has asked us to be wise in. In this passage, wisdom is described as understanding and discernment.
Would “wise” be an appropriate word to describe the men in your life? Not just the older men but the younger ones as well. Solomon was young when he prayed this prayer and it shows that young men are fully capable of showing wisdom.
You didn't learn these prayers in Sunday school. Put your armor on, and get ready to see God move!
Do you ever get sick of praying? It's okay to admit. We all do. It is emotionally draining to beg God without ceasing. Christians often forget that under Christ's authority, we have the power to command God's promises to be released from heaven to earth and into our lives.
In Praying for Men of P.O.W.E.R., author Nina Elaine Borum challenges readers to stand confidently and command the promises of God for the men in your life. As someone who has struggled with prayer, Nina believes that God does not intend for his children to feel helpless in praying. His Word has instructed us in how to bring the kingdom of heaven to a world where Satan runs freely. We are all in the midst of a vicious spiritual battle, and Nina hopes this book will help you to fight on behalf of Christian men.
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