Broken Pieces

Excerpt: Redwood Violet by Robin Mahle

* * *

Katie looked up the doctor’s contact information displayed on the company directory when she arrived at work and phoned her right away.

“There’s one more thing, Dr. Reyes,” Katie said, sitting at her desk. “What are your thoughts on hypnotherapy?”

“I’ve used some forms of hypnotherapy for assistance in addiction treatments. Generally, stressors in a person’s life can cause a whole host of problems. I believe that is what we may be dealing with here and hypnotherapy may be of some use. But first things first; we need to get you in here so that we are able to talk about your situation in an objective manner; so how about next Thursday at 4:30?”

Katie perused her calendar. “Yes, that would be fine. Thank you, Dr. Reyes, I’ll see you then.” Just as she hung up the phone, she noticed Jennifer standing near. She was younger than Katie by a few years; slightly naïve, but kind and hardworking. Katie acted as her mentor on occasion. They often worked together on fundraising events when she was between cases.

“You’re working with Dr. Reyes again? I didn’t know they assigned you another case,” Jennifer said.

“Oh, that. No, it’s not a case.” Katie hesitated. “I was just asking her about something I had researched online.”

“Oh, I thought you were meeting with her.”

Katie felt she had painted herself into a corner. She knew Jennifer wasn’t the gossiping type, but discussing this with her wasn’t an option. “I am; next week. I thought that since we deal with so many cases of abuse, I wondered how certain therapy treatments were viewed, so I’m going to her office to learn more about them.”

Jennifer’s expression seemed to suggest she bought Katie’s explanation and she didn’t inquire further.

“Great. You wanna grab some lunch? It’s a beautiful day.”

“Sure, let’s go.”

They walked out of the office and the sun was shining. Although the temperatures remained relatively constant, Katie preferred the summer months because they produced warmer sea breezes, which somehow seemed to counteract the hazy, overcast skies. The weather here was always pretty great, but March was a particularly pleasant month, once the skies cleared.

“So, isn’t Spencer supposed to get his results soon?” Jennifer asked.

“Yep, they’re due to be out next Monday. He’s been so busy working research for the firm, I think he’s almost forgotten about it. I mean, it’s been months since he’s taken the exam.”

“I guess he’ll probably work long hours too, once he’s hired on as a practicing lawyer, right?”

“I suppose he will be. I’m so proud of him though. And besides, I knew what I was signing up for with him. I know what it takes to be a successful attorney. He’ll make a great lawyer. I’m hoping that I can talk Richard into using his firm once in a while, once they offer him a job, of course.”

“Is there any reason to think they wouldn’t? He’s been interning there for what, like two years?”

“Yeah, and I think I can convince him that they’d take on some pro-bono cases once in awhile.”

“Would they?” Jennifer asked

“If Spencer has anything to do with it, then, yeah. We are very much alike in some ways. He’ll want to do some good and help when he can, same as me.” Katie stopped at the Greek restaurant down the street from the office. “Feel like Greek today?” she asked Jennifer.

“Sounds good to me.”

* * *

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